Certification, Qualification and Inspection

We develop certification, qualification and inspection activities of electrical equipment and/or external service providers.

  • Factory acceptance tests of equipment intended to be installed in the electrical power network:
    • Energy meters;
    • Power transformers;
    • Measuring transformers;
    • Breakers;
    • Insulators;
    • Fuses;
    • Cables;
    • Optic fibers;
    • Cabinets of command, measuring and counting;
    • Control and command equipment;
    • Modems;
    • EDPBOX;
    • DTC;
    • OCR.
  • Acceptance of equipment and materials in warehouse;
  • Technical inspections to electric equipment manufacturers;
  • Technical inspections to electric facilities;
  • Inspections/Audits to Management Quality System of EDP Group Service Providers;
  • Acceptance tests of equipment for supplier "stock" and to install on the EDP Distribution grid;
  • Internal audits to procedures of companies and laboratories.