Field and Laboratorial Tests



We offer technical services of water samples collection and chemistry and biology laboratorial tests, but also studies, consultancy and technical support to meet environmental obligations.


We highlight the following tests:

  • Dissolved oxygen/temperature vertical profiles in lakes and reservoir; 
  • Secchi Depth;
  • MIn situ tests – pH, conductivity, alkalinity, carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen, residual chlorine, temperature, redox potential, salinity and groundwater level;
  • Continuous measurement of pH and conductivity;
  • Continuous measurement of physical/chemical parameters using buoys/parametric probes;
  • Hydromorphological assessmentof rivers - River Habitat Survey (RHS), certified technicians.


We perform chemical and biological tests:

  • Classical methods – potentiometry, volumetry, gravimetry, thermometry and conductimetry;
  • Instrumental methods – chromatography, VIS/UV absorption spectrometry, atomic absorption spectrometry and high temperature combustion;
  • Microbiology;
  • Identification, quantification and phytoplankton biovolume;
  • Toxicity tests.