Solid Fuels Laboratory



The Laboratory’s main activity is the chemical and energetic characterization of coal and ash. The Solid Fuels Laboratory is accredited by the Portuguese Accreditation Institute (IPAC) for 22 coal and ash tests in accordance with the technical accreditation annex LO683-1 that can be consulted here .

The analytical services provided by the laboratory include: 

  • Proximate coal analysis: moisture, volatile matter, ash and fixed carbon;
  • Ultimate coal analysis: sulfur, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, ash and oxygen;
  • Gross and net calorific value;
  • Trace elements in coal: Hg, Se, As, Cd, Pb, Cl, F;
  • Ash elemental analysis: SiO2, Al203, Fe203, MgO, CaO, Na20, K20, TiO2 and P205;
  • Ash fusibility temperature oxidizing and reducing atmosphere;
  • Sieve analysis;
  • Hardgrove Grindability Index (HGI).