2016 EDP Group Corporate Integration

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2016 EDP Group Corporate Integration

Tuesday 26, July 2016

The 2016 EDP Group Corporate Integration took place at EDP Labelec's headquarters on March 23rd and April 7th. In this year's edition EDP Labelec welcomed 118 new collaborators that have been signed with the staff frameworks of the various companies that form the EDP Group

Throughout these two days, the new EDP Group employees were able to get an insight of Labelec's operational activities on a meeting room presentation where all the different technical areas were presented. After the presentation, the practical part went on as the new employees enjoyed a guided tour where they saw what kind of work is developed on the different areas. 

The guests got to know the Environment area, with the classic chemistry laboratory, the instrumental chemistry laboratory as well as the solid fuels laboratory. Then, the tour proceeded to the Energy Consulting area and the FabLabEDP which always spurs a lot of curiosity. After the Energy Consulting area, they went on to the Certification, Inspections & Qualifications area where the highlights are the Faraday cage and the development of smart metering equipment. Last but not least, the final stop was at Tests & Trials area, first at the Thermography department where the guests saw the new drone model developed for inspecting power grid assets, then the Insulating Materials laboratory and finally the High Voltage laboratory.

Thanks to this initiative, the new employees acquired solid knowledge regarding EDP Labelec: the Center of Technical Excellence within the EDP Group. This experience is vital for their integration on a large scale corporation such as EDP, which is leader on adding value to markets, innovation and sustainability.