EDP Labelec’s anual meeting

Friday 01, March 2019
Companies - EDP Portugal

Base Naval do Alfeite - 2019

EDP ​​Labelec's annual meeting took place this year at the Naval Base of Alfeite.

It was presented the company's annual results as well as relevant projects in progress, such as:

- Development of Power Index Matrix of Power Transformers;

- In situ water quality monitoring - multiparameter probes;

- Integration of Renewable Production in the network;

- New SmartLab - Substation Automation System;

In 2018 Labelec had a positive net income, a turnover above 15 million euros and EBITDA of 2.3 million euros.

According to Vítor Tomás, EDP Labelec’s board member, the results were positive and the objectives achieved. However, the intention is to increase turnover by 3% for the next year.

"In terms of accidents only zero satisfies" was one of the slogans in teambuilding activities, carried out by 120 employees, to better prepare them for an eventual work accident.