Oil transport in new packaging

Tuesday 11, June 2019

The Insulation Materials Laboratory developed a new package to facilitate and expedite oils transportation from any geography and to expand this business area.

With customers in different countries (Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Israel), this LABELEC Laboratory diagnoses a transformer from an oil analysis.

The customer, following the instructions included in the package, collects 3 different oil samples and sends the glass bottles, duly packed in the new box, by mail.

Analyzed parameters: water content, disruptive voltage, density, color, appearance, interfacial voltage, acidity index, dielectric dissipation factor (delta tangent), dissolved gases and furanic compounds.

With these analyzes it is possible to evaluate oil and paper aging, oil insulating capacity, thermal defects and partial discharges in the transformer.

The identification in QRcode already incorporated in the box, streamlines the analysis process and data registration of transformer characteristics.

icas do transformador.