EuroDoble Colloquium

Wednesday 23, October 2019

Between 25 and 23 October the 25th edition of Eurodoble Colloquium was held in Oporto

Were present in the 25th edition of Eurodoble Colloquium, EDP Labelec, EDP Distribuição, EDP Produção and REN and other similar companies in the electricity sector, where various topics were discussed, from Asset Management, Cybersecurity, Big Data, Impact of Renewables and Command and Control Systems.
Noteworthy are the various presentations by colleagues from EDP Labelec, EDP Distribuição, EDP Production and REN, at EuroDoble Colloquium 2019:
- Distribution Network Asset Management - New Challenges and Opportunities
(Ricardo Prata | EDP ​​Distribution)
- Protection & Control Session: Real Life Islanding Detection Using Phasor Measurement Units (PMU) - EDP's Experience
(Miguel Louro | EDP ​​Distribution)
- Forensic Studies on 9 Tear Down Power Transformers - Correlation Between DPv Paper and 2-FAL and Extrapolation to Estimate the Remaining Useful Lifetime of Relative Transformers In Service
(João Vasco Ferreira | EDP ​​Distribuição and Anabela Peixoto | EDP ​​Labelec)
- Digital Monitoring and Asset Management in Generation
(Nuno Rocha | EDP ​​Production)
- Power Transformers Asset Management Approach and Developments at REN
(Mario Soares | REN)

Porto Palacio Congress Hotel