New 800kV test transformer to HV Lab

Sunday 19, July 2020

During last June, the Electrical Testing Area of EDP LABELEC commissioned a new 800kV test transformer for the high voltage laboratory (HV-LAB).

This new 800kV transformer replaces the previous one (which was in service since the beginning of the laboratory, in 1984), reinforcing EDP LABELEC's capacity to carry out tests at power frequency (50 Hz) and between 100 and 175Hz, responding to the latest normative requirements in the testing of high voltage equipment.

With this transformer, EDP LABELEC reinforces the capacity to carry out tests on equipment of all voltage levels in Portuguese transmission and distribution grid (up to 400kV), continuing to be a reference in this area in Portugal.

It is important to note the work, preparation and commitment of the entire Electrical Testing team involved in this commissioning, that allowed the new transformer to be connected without any constraints.

TP AT 800kV
TP AT 800kV
TP AT 800kV