EDP Labelec hosted a Technical Seminar

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EDP Labelec hosted a Technical Seminar

Thursday 09, June 2016

The technical seminar took place at Sacavém on February 24th and featured one of the greatest international experts on earthing systems and various EDP Labelec's clients and partners

EDP Labelec stands as the Center of Technical Excellence of the EDP Group, having an acknowledged know-how and experience on design, safety analysis and field tests of earthing systems.

With this in mind, a technical seminar was organized focusing not only on EDP Labelec's services on earthing systems area, but also the latest international innovations and trends on earthing systems design.

EDP Labelec's earthing systems field tests services were presented by Luís Rocha from Tests & Trials area, while the design and safety analysis on earthing grids services were presented by Carlos Cardoso from the Energy Consulting area.

The main presentation was lectured by Dr. Bill Carman, one of the greatest international experts on earthing systems, CIGRÉ and IEEE member, and current chairman of the Joint Working Group CIGRÉ/CIRED "Substation earthing system design optimization through the application of quantified risk analysis".

The design and safety analysis methodology for earthing grids proposed by Dr. Carman, which is already employed in some countries such as Australia, United Kingdom and Japan, is based on an explicit risk-calculation of an earthing grid design and its eventual reduction to a residual level.

This methodology maintains or increases electrical facilities safety when compared to the currently used methodology, while being advantageous in economic and technical terms, given that it accounts for greater factor diversity, i. e. the probabilities of simultaneous contact with a metallic element and the occurrence of a fault in the electrical grid.

Various partners and customers of EDP Labelec's earthing services were in the audience at this seminar, including EDP Distribuição, EDP Produção, REN, DGEG, among others.