EDP Labelec laboratory is officially recognized

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EDP Labelec laboratory is officially recognized

Thursday 18, July 2013

This recognition will positively contribute to EDP Labelec's credibility among residential clients

Last 26th of June 2013, the Energy Metering Laboratory (LAB-CE) obtained the official recognition of the Portuguese Institute for Quality (IPQ) and of the Metrological Verification Body (OVM) to conduct First Verification operations on active electrical energy meters. 

This recognition will positively contribute to EDP Labelec credibility among residential customers of EDP, reinforcing their confidence in the impartiality, independence and integrity posed by EDP Labelec in the judgments formulated based on the tests performed under the compliance verification of domestic meters, in particular those arising from customer’s complaints for excessive consumption.

EDP Labelec is unique

Following  the derivations found in active electrical energy metering clocks, the Energy Metering Laboratory (LAB-CE) sought to acquire equipment and procedures to enable it to obtain the accreditation by the Portuguese Accreditation Institute (IPAC) for testing conformity of metering clocks, following the requirements defined in CEI/EN 62054-21 standard (Tariff and load control – Part 21 particular requirements for time switches).

In this context, the LAB-CE was audited by IPAC, and no Non Compliances were found. This reveals the careful way the accreditation process was handled and leaves EDP Labelec confident to take the IPAC formal decision of the official recognition of LAB-CE, which is expected to come to occur by the end of July 2013.

This is an accreditation that aims to convey the credibility of electrical energy meters clock tests to customers, and makes the LAB-CE the only laboratory in Portugal, officially recognized for this purpose.

Portuguese Institute for Quality

Order nr. 8317/2013

Metrological Verification Bodies of Active Electrical Energy Meters

  1. Through Ordinance nr. 18/2007, of 5th January, was published the metrological control regulation of active electrical energy meters.
  2. For administrative simplification and without prejudice of the necessary metrological accuracy, there is the need to decentralize the operations involved in metrological control of measuring instruments, including the First Verification.
  3. Thus, under the terms and effects of Article 8 (1)(a) of the Decree-law nr. 291/90, 20th September and the Article 8 of the Ordinance nr. 18/2007, 5th January, it is determined that:
    a) It is recognized the qualification of LABELEC — Estudos, Desenvolvimento e Atividades Laboratoriais, S. A., headquartered at Rua Cidade de Goa, 4, 2685-039 Sacavém, for the First Verification operations of Active Electrical Energy Meters, under Decree-law nr. 291/90, 20th September;
    b) This company will put under applicable law, the respective brand itself, attached to this order as well as the operation symbol of metrological control, in the sealing scheme of measurements instruments covered by the aforesaid regulations scheme;
    c) From the involved operations it shall be kept on file the test reports from the metrological control operations, in accordance with the law;
    d) Montly, the company will send to the IPQ a list of checked instruments and make the payment of the metrological control operations carried out by the 10th day of the next month by bank transfer to the IPQ;
    e) The fee value applicable to the estimated operations in this Order, is defined in the fee table of metrological control and will be revised annually.
  4. This order shall take effect from this date and is valid until the 31 December of 2013. – The President of the Governing Council, J. Marques dos Santos.

Order nr. 8317/2013 of the Official Gazette of the Republic. The IPQ recognizes the Energy Metering Laboratory (LAB-CE) from EDP Labelec as a Metrological Verification Body (OVM) to conduct the First Verification of Active Electrical Energy Meter under Decree Law nr. 291/90, 20th September and the Ordinance nr. 18/2007, 5th January.