EDP Labelec's annual meeting

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EDP Labelec's annual meeting

Tuesday 15, March 2016

EDP Labelec presented the results of the company in a meeting held in its headquarters at Sacavém

On what is considered a tradition of the EDP Group, EDP Labelec presented the annual results of the company, in a meeting held in its headquarters at Sacavém. In this meeting the employees of EDP Labelec gathered to take stock of 2015 and to discuss the strategic plan for 2016, in addition to the important moments of knowledge sharing between the employees of different areas.

In terms of performance results, EBITDA exceed two million euros with a net result close to one million euros. There was also a 12% growth on turnover, and an average annual growth per worker of 5%. An equally positive remark goes to investment value which has reached 1.276 million euros, being the highest value on investment registered in recent years.

EDP Labelec's CEO, Vítor Tomás, stated that these are very positive results, due to three factors: an increase in the amount of customers, increase in the number of services provided to internal and external clients and new services development.

Challenges and perspectives for 2016

Notwithstanding the excellent year of 2015, the company already has eyes set on the future and this meeting also outlined the major goals for 2016, by fulfilling the budget of 15.5 million euros, to promote the expansion on international markets, to provide new services and to attract and retain talent.