INMR World Congress 2015

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INMR World Congress 2015

Wednesday 18, November 2015

EDP Labelec exhibited on the prestigious congress promoted by INMR

EDP Labelec made its debut in the world congress promoted by INMR, engineering dedicated company, that was held in the Bavarian city of Munich between the 18th and the 21st October. At this congress, more than 120 companies attended and exhibited during these 4 days. Companies dedicated to the power generation and supply, components manufacturing, universities, tests & trials such as ABB, STRI, K-Line or Maxwell were present and gave their contribution to this massive event.

From Portugal, besides EDP Labelec, the company Rede El├ętrica Nacional (REN) was also present on what is considered the most important and more relevant event of this kind worldwide. Throughout the congress there were ideas presented, several meaningful matters were on the debate and also the general strategies for the future of the industry were outlined and discussed. Safety and sustainability were the key-words that were on the focus, and that lead us to a further understanding on what are the guidelines for this industry.