Very high voltage cable testing

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Very high voltage cable testing

Friday 12, August 2016

EDP Labelec performs for the first time, at the company's laboratories in Sacavém, tests & trials on very high voltage power lines

EDP Labelec performs for the first time, innovative tests on very high voltage cables. The nature of these testing procedures consist in routine testing of partial discharges and applied voltage tests on 220 kV cables, which will then be delivered to the end-user.

These cables are being manufactured for the first time by a Portuguese company that, thanks to the service provided by EDP Labelec, is now able to realize the cable's insulating condition. Through these tests & trials, it also becomes possible to determine if the equipment being tested fulfills all the performance requirements. Electric & electromechanical tests manager, Pedro Nunes stated in an interview that the cable testing outcome is very positive. This means that the equipment's insulation condition is perfect and free from partial discharges, and it is capable to function perfectly in the future.

Very high voltage power overhead lines represent the majority of existing infrastructures for electric power distribution. Thanks to the tests developed at EDP Labelec, these overhead lines will be gradually replaced by this kind of equipment that will represent an underground grid for very high voltage power distribution, which means lesser environmental impact specially on urban areas and also a greater reliability on power distribution.