Effectiveness assessment of the environmental flows schemes


Assessment and optimization of the environmental flow regimes effectiveness in order to achieve and maintain the good ecological potential of the river’s ecosystem downstream of each dam.

Ensure compliance with this environmental obligation enshrined in the concession contracts of hydroelectric developments.



Ensure the conservation and maintenance of aquatic ecosystems, the production of species with sporting and commercial interest, as well as the riparian ecosystems and aesthetic aspects of the landscape or of other scientific or cultural interest.



  • EDP Produção
  • EDP Labelec – Environment



Effectiveness assessment of each environmental flow regime over a period of at least seven years, through the monitoring of the following elements quality: biological (fish, fauna, benthic macroinvertebrates and aquatic fauna), hydromorphological (river continuity and morphological conditions), physiochemical (thermal conditions, oxygenation, salinity, acidification status and conditions concerning nutrients).