Electric and Electromechanical


Tests & Trials

The mission is to carry out asset management and maintenance activities in order to increase safety, reduce failures and optimize power transmission and distribution grid costs

The Electric and Electromechanical tests and trials area has 2 laboratories accredited by IPAC (Portuguese Institute for Accreditation):

  • High-Voltage Laboratory (LAB-AT);
  • Electrical Metrology Laboratory (LAB-ME);

Performance analysis services of electrical systems:

  • Tests, at power-frequency, of lightning impulse test and switching impulse test (dry and wet);
  • Partial discharge measurement, environmental tests and ageing tests;¬†
  • Tests to characterize the state of equipments/electrical systems;
  • Metering systems calibration in high voltage and high current;
  • Calibration of test and metering equipments;
  • Dielectric strength testing in power transformers and rotating electrical machines;
  • Power quality monitoring;
  • Measurement of electromagnetic fields and radioelectric disturbances (RIV);
  • Registration and analysis of electrical transients;
  • Measurement of ground resistance and scalar potentials, continuity verification and touch and step voltages determination;
  • Maintenance engineering and fault diagnosis.¬†

Electrical and electromechanical systems analysis services:

  • Environmental tests;
  • Electric ageing tests.¬†

Energy Metering Trials

  • Testing of electrical energy meters;
  • Accuracy checking of electric meters static clocks;
  • Metering audit of types 1, 2, 3 and 4;
  • Maintenance of metering and telemetering systems.