Insulating Materials


Tests & Trials

We are dedicated to a preventative vigilance of electrical equipment, through diagnosis obtained by the analysis of insulating oils in order to assess the equipment condition, thus enabling our customers a better way to manage their assets.

Determination of the lifetime expectancy of insulating paper, which allows our customers a more efficient decision about the investment to be made.

Regeneration of insulating oils increasing the life cycle of oil and equipment. This is a solution where the cost / benefit ratio is more attractive and with practically nonexistent environmental impacts.

Consulting within the online monitoring area, supporting the most suitable monitor selection to each case and performing the validation of the measurements made by the device

Post-mortem analysis of transformers to obtain additional information for diagnosing the fault causes, which impact the operation of transformers in service and eventually the design of new transformers.

Evaluation of the transformers’ health index, enabling the ranking of equipments in terms of their condition, for a better management of assets, allowing the prioritization of interventions to be made in the costumer's transformers.

The main activities of the department are as follows:

  • Preventive monitoring of oil insulated electric equipment, namely: power transformers, current transformers, voltage transformers, combined transformers, crossings, ruptures, among others;
  • Transformers faults diagnosis;
  • Evaluation of the transformers’ health index;
  • Characterization of insulating oils corrosive effects;
  • Chlorine detection test of PCB's, PCT’s and PCBT's in insulating oils;
  • Determination of life expectancy of insulating paper;
  • Insulating oils regeneration;
  • New oils reception trials;
  • Compatibility tests between nature and/or different aging states of oils;
  • Characterization of vegetable oil behavior;
  • Tests to characterize the state of lubricating oils, transmission oils efforts and dielectric solvents;
  • Consulting on online monitoring;
  • Post-mortem analysis of transformers;
  • Specialized technical support in chemical products acquisition (e.g. silica gel; dielectric solvents);
  • Development of studies in the field of insulating materials.